Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to the Blog for Swami Bruce

This site is being developed to help our dear friend Bruce Stephens, who many of us know as Swami Bruce.  Please check back often and leave comments of support for Bruce.  We will have a PayPal button added soon where you can give  to help aid in Bruce's recovery.

Thank you.


  1. dear swami bruce -
    in your own poetic voice, thank you for sharing the first of many chapters of your future journey. the obstacles will be removed one-by-one, and we will all be blessed again with your warm presence. we will look forward to that day when you return to the yoga studio and guide us.
    "wellspring of energy
    rises in the body's core
    tap it and be sustained.
    channel it, and it will speak."

    with affection,
    the berman clan

  2. Hi Bruce:

    I'm sure everyone's delighted to have you back at home. Thanks for posting this blog, it's really thoughtful of you, and may have the added benefit of deflecting multitudes of questions from caring friends. Stay strong! xoxo

  3. Damn Bruce! I am sorry to hear about this trouble. Thanks God you had some people to see you through this, good doctors and loving wife, children and friends. I had NO IDEA what was going on. I would have been sending you Reiki. I will send it now if you ask for it. (You have to ask. It's a rule.) You seemed like superman to me, dude! You got out of life all the things I had only dreamed of. Now this? I have fear all the time because I have no medical coverage. If such a thing happens to me as happened to you, I do not hold out much chances for myself. But you! You were so healthy in body, mind and spirit! I can only believe this will carry you through the next journey with Ganesh plowing away any obstacles as you proceed. I will always be so honored that you befriended me two years ago...Stay healthy, stay focused, and be whole, perfect and complete!

  4. Bruce Ji
    i gave a Sacred Nepali Art talk ,including Ganeshas tributes in Granville Ohio, Dennison U on april 2nd , and right after i was talkin to Levitt on the fone ...and heard about you!! So,I know Ganesha IN DEED and IN Spirit is dancing with you!! May the Pure, Strong, Defense of Kobe, Barnes and Artest be coursing through
    Your Physical ,Emotional, Spiritual Healing BEING!! Love to you Swami

  5. Bruce, wishing you all strength and best wishes for your recovery. All the best.