Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, Everyone!!!

Greetings all. Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy Labor Day Weekend and to wish all scholars, students and collegians best of luck in their school year. I also would like to wish everyone a happy "Ganesh Chaturthi" the celebration of Ganesh that this year extends from September 1st and concludes on September 11th.
This 10-day festival marks the birthday of Ganesh, who is widely worshipped for auspicious beginnings. Ganesh is also the patron of arts and sciences, and the deity of intellect and wisdom. Come to think of it, it seems the appropriate time to invoke this deity, at the beginning of the school year!

As most of you know, Ganesh has seemingly been my guide on this journey through cancer, and I feel a very close connection to this aspect of the divine. I encourage you to take a moment to read about and ponder the wisdom Ganesh represents:

Swami bruce wishes everyone "Auspicious beginnings!!!"

(Note: The conclusion of the festival is on the full moon of September 11th, which coincides with the La Paloma Poetry Slam, Emceed by yours truly. Ganesh is considered the patron of poets and writers. Coincidence? You decide.)

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