Monday, August 29, 2011

Sitting Here in Limbo

Greetings everyone. Happy late August to you . I celebrated a birthday this month, and it seemed wonderful and strange at the same time. Wonderful, in that some months ago I wasn’t sure I would see this birthday. We had known an acquaintance who, after a diagnosis of the same disease, lasted only about 11 weeks. So just getting here seems like a huge blessing. But I am finally healthy enough to begin the process of “re-entering the world”. However, August is a strange time to do this, as it seems most of the world is on vacation or otherwise indisposed. There are lots of people in town, tourists and family. I feel unsure of my direction and even of my stamina. My son Myles left last week to return to San Francisco, a job and another school year. When he is in town, we are in enjoyment mode, with much surfing and eating. He is a joy to have around, as are his friends, whom I would describe as interesting, polite and creative.
I share my birthday week with Amy, her birthday being the day after mine. We had a nice week with some beach time, a friend’s annual summer party, a fine meal with Myles and Carmen at an great new restaurant in town, and a lovely evening at our foodie friends Erik and Cat’s, for salt roasted red snapper and other delights. (We only half-jokingly call their house “the best restaurant in Encinitas”)

So even with all these festivities, or perhaps because of them, there is a sense of limbo. I seem to be biding my time until the other shoe drops, sometime after Labor Day. Reality, both fiscal and health-wise, is sure to set in. Perhaps sooner than later, in that some strange chemo-like symptom reared their ugly head again last week, enough to make me return to the medical building for a blood test, the result of which I will get later today. (I had hoped to stay away from said building until my next oncology appointment in late September) I hope it is just my body still detoxing from the chemo drugs. I guess in regards to healing, it is two steps forward and one step back. All the while, I am trying to catch up with delayed home maintenance and reconstitute my professional life, no easy task in today’s climate. Wish me luck.

In other news, I received a generous tip from a couple whose wedding I officiated in Seagrove Park in Del Mar. I decided, since it was close to my birthday, that I would give myself a small gift, and the good people at Moonlight Music here in Encinitas hooked me up with a Ukulele, case and chord book for just a little over my tip amount. (Thanks!) I have wanted one for a long time. There are many helpful Uke sites on the internet, but I may avail upon my string-adept friends for a lesson or two.
Also, Sunday, September 11 is the Full Moon Poets La Paloma Summer Poetry Slam. 7pm, free admission! Yours truly is once again the Emcee. Come out and support the Arts. Be there or be square!

Wishing you and yours peace and health,
Swami bruce

I would very much like to thank all the people who have been so supportive and helpful to me and my family, including:

Almendariz Plumbing – 760 419-4211 Excellence in plumbing.

Ryon Lee Media - 760 889-3555 Wizards of the digital realm

Alan Toyofuku, Lac – 760 525-0889 Acupuncture with Alan has been very integral to my recovery and ongoing health. I always feel better after one of Alan’s treatments.

Silver Ace Consulting - 760.436.7050 They can fix your computer network, email and backup issues. Very helpful.

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