Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cowabunga, Dude!

Hello all. It is with great joy that I tell you that Swami bruce has once again deserved the surfer's name. As of last Friday, my schedule and the waves cooperated and I once again paddled out into the surf zone. I caught my first bona fide wave in over 7 months. I can't really tell you how good it felt, I can only say that I could feel the muscles of my face straining with my big smile. Many cycles seem to be completing lately. Harvests from the summer garden. Wedding season is in full swing; in fact I have officiated 4 in the last 3 weeks. And I have made good on a promise made in the most dire of circumstances. This morning, with the very capable help of my son Myles, I gave a surfing lesson to my surgeon, Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul. We had made this pact in the hospital, back in March, post-surgery. At the time, I could hardly imagine being strong enough again to do something as physical as surfing. But he assured me that I would surf again, and I promised him a surfing lesson if I did, and he took me up on it. I must admit, the thought passed through my mind that it was just the encouraging words of a doctor trying to rally his patient after a big surgery. But I decided to call his bluff! I will say that our dear friend Sunil is a true gamer, and took a full 2 hours of pummeling in the surf. While he didn't quite get to his feet this day, his interest was piqued, and he was already inquiring about wetsuits. Uh-oh, I hope Mrs. Bhoyrul doesn't become a "surf widow"!!
I am happy. My health is improving. Surfing is back in my life. Happy couples are still tying the knot. The ocean breezes still blow. My garden grows.
Swami bruce wishes you all peace.

Sunil and Gautam Bhoyrul enjoy a post surf breakfast.


  1. Hey Bruce, love this! Love that you gave him a lesson and you all went for breakfast burritos afterwards.

    I still check in on you and so happy that you're improving...stay well friend and hope to see you in the, P

  2. Bruce, It's great to hear that you are again riding the waves and full of life, promise and hope. And that you have enough tomatoes in your garden to share.