Friday, July 22, 2011

Good News, all by Itself...

Greetings everyone...

Time marches on in this roller coaster of a year. As if my father's memorial wasn't enough, Monday brought an important appointment with the oncologist. Just walking into the medical building brought back such associations that both Amy and I were on edge, and Amy teared up while we were waiting. But Dr. Mason entered, test results in hand, and smiled at us. The news is good, he reported. The latest cancer marker blood test came back normal and unchanged. The last CT scan was clear. I don't tolerate Gemzar (in fact it nearly killed me) and there is no other drug to use in its place. So I am officially out of "treatment mode" and into "monitoring mode"!!!
Two months, he said, until another blood marker test. Two months without the specter of chemo hanging over my head. Two months without poking and prodding and procedures. Two months, a veritable eternity!
We were in tears as we exited the building, so happy. I instinctively reached for my phone to call my Dad, wanted to hear the happiness in his voice. Of course, this wasn't going to happen, and I found myself simultaneously crying tears of joy and grief. It was a pretty full plate of emotions.
Suddenly, I felt somewhat more reconnected to the world. I could look farther into the future once again. As the effects of chemo continue to wear off, I feel a little better each day. My hair has just about stopped falling out (fortunately, I had a lot to start with), and my appetite has come roaring back. (Although with my new low sugar diet, I have lost 5 lbs...I highly recommend it!)
I know I am not out of the woods yet. I am continuing my botanical and nutritional protocols, especially the Asian mushroom powder blend. It is no fun to take, like drinking muddy water, but I am motivated to keep my immune system in high gear. I feel like I have wrestled this disease to the mat, and to at least a draw, maybe the referee will slap the mat and then raise my arm in victory. For the next two months, at least I can dream.

Thanks to everyone for your generous considerations and your kind thoughts, words and prayers.

Swami bruce

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