Sunday, May 1, 2011

Moxa, moxa man, you got to be a Moxa man...

Dear Friends - as you know, I have spent much time over the years working with health practitioners of all types both western and alternative. It has been my great good fortune to count as friends acupuncturists, or more accurately, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My friend and fellow Laker fan Steven Levitt is in fact a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a teacher and mentor of the students at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Steve's treatments have been a great help in my recovery, and his housecalls to my home have truly been a godsend. The good doctor Steven advised me in a particular moxa protocol for my health. If you are unfamiliar with "moxa", it the the burning of a compressed stick of the herb mugwort, kinda like a cigar, that is moved or held near the skin over the appropriate points on your body. I was told to moxa points just below my navel, first thing in the morning. But Steve was out of moxa at that point. That's when Tina and Alan stepped up. Tina is an angel who practices a form of healing touch and has been giving me treatments, out of the kindness of her heart, twice a week for about 3 weeks now. These sessions with Tina put me into a deeply relaxed, almost trance-like state, which seems to speed and deepen my healing. Or so it seems. Tina's husband is Alan Takao Toyofuku, Alan for short, and, you guessed it, an acupuncturist! We met for the first time when they drove across town to deliver a couple of moxa sticks to me, just to be sure I had what I needed. What lovely, caring people. Generous and kind.
Anyway, the first morning I tried the moxa treatment as outlined by Dr. Levitt, it was almost like magic! My whole digestive system seemed to contract and wake up! My entire viscera felt warm and energized and I felt good! I have done this nearly every morning since with the same results. I'm feeling better each day, thanks in part to wise and kind acupuncturists. I am the Moxa Man!

Dr Steven Levitt 760 809-8885
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Alan Takao Toyofuku 760 525-0889
Licensed Acupuncturist

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  1. So glad to see all the healing you've been getting. You know that Alan (my beloved acupuncturist) has made a huge difference in my health. Glad to see a shoutout to the benefits of Oriental medicine. maybe I can get you into my taiji practice! You don't have to convert. :)