Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back at Home

 Hello everyone. The previous post was actually made from home, since it
 took that  long for the blog to be set up. Many thanks to Michael
Brown, a gentleman and a scholar, who set up this blog and visited me
today to get me up to speed. 

I returned home from the Hospital last Wednesday, soooo glad to be back
in the bosom of my family and home. I am still sporting a couple of
surgical drains and a feeding tube, so my condition is still a bit
precarious. My digestive system had been pretty much shut down and now
must be gently coaxed back to life. As Amy put it, I am like a newborn,
which is true in that I can only eat small meals of soft food at about 2
 hr intervals. If I overdo it, nausea and heartburn rear their ugly
heads very quickly.  I tire easily, and take numerous naps.  But I'm
home, and feeling just a little bit stronger each day.  I have been told
 to expect a month of recovery at home. All in all, considering the
severity of my surgery, I am actually ahead of schedule, but it is hard
not to get impatient, and want to speed things along. I have an
appointment with Dr. Bhoyrul on Thursday, and will know more after that.
  My son Myles was in town on his spring break; so good to have your
loved ones close. My daughter Carmen, still tricking out her new
apartment in Leucadia, helps and visits every day. She is a cool head in
 a crisis, to be sure, and it is great having her so close. Her
"goodnight Papi" texts every evening are the sweetest thing ever.  Amy
is amazing with her ability to juggle so much with her business, school,
 household duties and, oh yeah, an invalid husband! Amy, you are the
Goddess we all claim you are. My friends and family and colleagues have
all been so sweet and considerate, but I hope you will understand that
my stamina is very low, so sometimes I need to just have some quiet time
 for napping and attention to such things as tube feedings, changing
bandages, etc.  Hopefully, as I get better at this blogging stuff, we
can post pictures, songs, links etc. Hope to meet you back here soon.
Swami bruce


  1. So glad you are home with your goddess and able to give yourself the time to recover. Time takes time. Lots of love, white light, and healing.

  2. Swami Brucie----WOW--what a journey. Ganesh would be proud of ya! I sent a text a week ago and when I didn't hear back I knew you were probably not up to having friends visit.

    Good to know you're back in Encinitas and amongst your family. Love the blog site--a great idea indeed---may Ganesh Spped your recovery process. Much love to both you and Amy.


  3. Bruce,
    Thinking of you and hoping for a speedy and complete recovery. Your attitude on your journey so far shows the strength and groundedness you have gained in your years practicing as a yogi and I am sure it will continue to serve you well. Sending all good wishes and vibes to you Amy and your family.
    Ann T

  4. Bruce,
    Sending you light and healing on your journey of recovery! So grateful to hear that Ganesh, your doctor and your family have been with you through this process. You are an absolute inspiration! Sending love to you and your family!
    Brittany Barger

  5. Glad to hear that you are back home and on the road to wellness. You are loved by many and have been a good friend to our family for many years.
    For life, stay thirsty my friend.

  6. Hey Bruce!
    Loved reading your posts- they are truly very touching and I am glad to hear that you are back home now. Hope you feel better man and would love to come over sometime and talk life, philosophy, poetry,etc. when you're better. :) Keep your chin up and tell the family I said hello! Best,

    Marc Milberg

  7. Monks from all over the world will hold you in their prayers for the next 3 months every day, and I humbly share my prayers as well...

  8. Bruce-

    We are holding you in love and light. Your beautiful heart is greatly appreciated. Sending you good healing energy.

    With Love, The Jaffes

  9. Dear Bruce,
    We are thinking of you every day with love. Sending you only good thoughts full of healing energy.
    with lots and lots of love to you and to Amy,
    Debbie and Peter Brody

  10. Dear Bruce, we're thinking of you man and if anyone can pull through a challenge like this I'd say it's you. Our good thoughts sent to our favorite yogi!

    love, Peter, Stef and Ky Sprague