Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear friends -
Today was a good day. After a string of days that were a bit discouraging with the digestive issues I've been dealing with, today I woke up feeling better. The probiotics may be kicking in, and the warmer weather is much to my liking, especially since I am so skinny these days. Also today, we had our yard cleaned up by a wonderful gentleman named Antonio, sent our way by Johnny B. (Thanks, John!) I am figuring out my dietary possibilities and restrictions, they become a little clearer every day.
I am so looking forward to tomorrow, in that I will get my surgical drains removed. This will simplify my life quite a bit and make me more mobile. I'm talking a possible beach walk, etc. I will post the results of my doctor's appointment tomorrow.

In the middle of a rough night a few evenings ago, i sat alone in my living room about 3am. One is giving to pondering one's life at times like this. Out of me came this poem, which I dedicate to my lovely and amazing wife:

You are Here

You are here

My mind attacked

My body wracked

Unceasing pain

All loss, no gain

And you are here

In delirium I swim

No vigor no vim

Feeble and weak

Only a pillow to seek

And you are here

So many years ago

The vows were said

When young and strong

So unafraid

Now you change the dressings

And give me your blessings

Because you are here

Beyond the time

Above the fray

You could have gone

But you decided to stay

Now my life goes on

When it so easily could be over

Alive today

You must know

So I will say

Because you are here.

-by Bruce Stephens, dedicated to my wife Amy, April, 2011


  1. Beautiful poem for a beautiful woman. Despite the challenges, it's always good to know you are still blessed. Lots of love...

  2. Diana Ortega De LeonJune 20, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Bruce, I have known you for about 40 years, but never knew you well. Reading your poetry gives me a deep look into your heart and I see how profound you are. I am happy Amy is standing strong with you during this trying time. I wish you and your family love and LIGHT days ahead. Keep on bloggin' brother!