Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just a quick note to say I had my first post surgery Doctor’s appointment today, and everything checked out very well. It was good to see Dr. Bhoyrul again, and he assured me the surgical drains will be coming out next week. He answered all my questions, and did a body mass test. I am down to 182 and change! Pretty skinny for a big guy like me, but the good Doctor assured me that I am holding on to my muscle mass very well. Basically, at just over 2 weeks post surgery, it would be hard to imagine doing any better. I can’t wait to get back to some physical activity, but all in good time. Right now it is just more rest and recovery, but all the signs are trending in the right direction. Thank you everyone for your concern and kind thoughts. Nurse Amy tells me its nap time, so I had better listen!


  1. dear bruce -
    fantastic news re doctor appt! i'm sure many friends and relatives are feeling less anxious tonight. your beautiful nurse, amy, is apparently doing a wonderful job. LOVED the photo of you in the swami's pumpkin patch...made us laugh, for sure.
    our thoughts and positive energy are with you.
    elena (for the bermans)

  2. Bruce, great to see you getting along just fine, your blog makes me appreciate how thin the line is.
    Let us know when you get to the point that we can come over to see you and Amy.
    Our thought are always with the two of you.
    Michael & Patricia

  3. Bruce, I always remember your smile and laugh, your genuine giving spirit, and your love of life in spite of challenges. No doubt, this will all be behind you soon. Sending love and healing energy dear friend.
    Sandy Watson & Family

  4. We are so stoked to hear you are on the way to a healthy recovery. The strength and determination that you have shown through these times has provided us with true inspiration. You are an unbelievable individual and we know that if anyone can get through the obstacles that have been put forth, it would be you! Our thoughts are with you! - David & Kaitlyn