Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long Live the Poetry Tribe...

Last night was the Poetry Ruckus at Ducky Waddles's Emporium in Leucadia. The always energetic and entertaining Jim Babwe was the featured poet, a spot I have held in a ruckus past. I really wanted to get out and be amongst the people, and Jerry Waddle's quirky and cool scene was just what I needed. The warmth and love from the poets was wonderful. Thanks to Michael Schmidt for holding this scene together. It was so good to see my poetry homies, Dylan, George, Jim and the gang. Although I was pretty spent by the end, it was great to hear some fresh spoken word. Feeds the soul. See some pics here:

In other news, we are all applauding the guerrilla art installation that appeared in Encinitas. It is a beautiful glass mosaic of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a surfboard, with the words "Save the Ocean" on the side. It is on the abutment of the train trestle that goes over Encinitas Blvd. just east of Hwy 101. It is an utterly audacious and fantastic work of art, and should be displayed.

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  1. . . . and it was great to see you as well! Hula waffle!