Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Eostre, Everyone!

Hello everyone, and happy Easter Day! A dear friend reminded me that I must let go of my previous life to be reborn old man with a gnarly scar across his abdomen? ...a cancer "survivor"? ...some new incarnation of Swami bruce, perhaps. I'm not sure what my "new" life will hold, but sometimes I grieve for my old life. However, I've always known that we can only move forward, never back. The springtime, and it's rituals, are helpful with this process. Fresh eggs from our own chickens, sweet peas from the garden filling our house with their fragrance, poppies blooming and apricots and figs setting fruit, the sound of birdsong...spring is the time to revel in the energy of the natural world. That, and the NBA playoffs. ;-)

I want to take some time to thank everyone for the amazing support you have shown me in the past month or so. So much love and kindness has come my way, in the form of funds, gift cards and gift certificates, food, books, cards, emails, health treatments, visits and phone calls. I am overwhelmed, and until recently physically and emotionally unable to write a single thank you note. Now, I don't know where to start! It is truly humbling how generous and caring all my friends, family, clients and students have been towards me. You know who you are. Please know that Amy and I have been deeply moved by your gifts and kindness and offers of help. It has brought us to tears on more that one occasion. Friend both old and new have given me strength to face the reality of my situation, and for that I am deeply grateful.

I found this info about Easter that I thought I would share:

Before Christianity, “Easter” (Eastre, Eostre) was a Teutonic goddess of dawn, spring and fertility. She is also called Ostara, goddess of dawn, with sunrise celebrations centered on growth and renewal. Prayers to her assured abundant crops, and eggs were eaten and exchanged as talismans.

Other Names of Spring Goddess:

  • Ostara
  • Ostare
  • Ostern
  • Eostre
  • Eostra
  • Eostur
  • Eastra
  • Eastur
  • Austron
  • Ausos
  • Ishtar
  • Ashtur

Symbolizing the beginning of Spring, with brightening and longer days after vernal equinox, Eastre is full of growth and passion of new life. She was the Great Mother Goddess of Northern Europe. She is a goddess of dawn and spring, and her name derives from dawn, the light arising from East. The word, East is related to her and the female hormone, estrogen is named for her.


  1. Thanks for honoring the wonderful Pagan goddess!

  2. Bruce,
    I get updates from Carmen and through your beautiful blog. Your writing and strength are inspirational! Your kindness and love are moving. I am sending constant love, good health, strength, and courage to you daily from SF. Please know that we are all here for you, should you need anything at all. I'm glad to hear you are filling your days with the support from all of your wonderful loved ones.
    Love to you and yours,
    Rachel Brody

  3. dear swami bruce -
    your messages speak from the heart and in reading them your friends,family,students can feel your strengths and struggles. rest assured that whichever "re-incarnation" comes of this experience, you will be adored even more than before.

    we hope you and amy had a pleasant EOSTRE...
    con affetto,
    the bermans